What Sex Looks Like In Movies... And What It’s Really Like!

What Sex Looks Like In Movies... And What It’s Really Like!
Let’s admit it, movies don’t usually depict things the way they actually happen in real life. Let’s take sex for instance. Do you really think it’s like how it’s shown in the movies? No, right? Like, who wears clothes while having sex? In movies, bras and pants usually remain on, and they hardly need any foreplay. Hello, that’s not how real life works! And when did getting undressed become sexy? It’s supposed to be accidently-hitting-each-other-messy! Like we said, movie sex isn’t actually *real*. So what happens before, during and after sex, that is never shown in the movies? Some people on Quora answered the question and here’s the difference between sex in movies and real life sex...

1. ‘The hunt for towels.’ - That is SO true. You never find them when you need them!

Melissa Stroud says… Before sex: 1. Find a condom. 2. Awkward removal of shoes and socks before removing the clothes. During sex: 1. Leg cramps. 2. Back spasms. 3. Accidentally punching in the eye/ throat/ mouth/ genitals while changing positions. After sex: 1. The hunt for towels. 2. Running to pee. 3. (For women) Walking like you’ve just run a marathon or ridden a horse all day. (This happens only when you’ve had some really great sex.) 1 real life sex

2. ‘Sex is messy and good sex can be even messier.’ - Yes, they never show the ‘clean up’ part!

Dorothy Hockenberry says… The clean up! Sex is messy and good sex can be even messier. Napkins, wet clothes, and sheet changing is often needed!

3. ‘There’s very little manual play or oral.’ - It’s like they are turned on 24x7, they don’t need no foreplay!

Bart Loews says… This list is not exclusive, just a few things I can think of right now.
1. Clean up With a condom, the condom needs to be carefully removed and thrown away. Sex also can leave you feeling messy, generally. Sweaty, tired. I’m not usually in the mood for cuddling. 2. Bathroom afterwards I haven’t had sex with many people, but everyone that I have had sex with needs to go to the bathroom afterwards. I know that I always have to go to the bathroom after coming. You rarely see this happen in movies. 3. Foreplay They don’t usually show much of this aside from kissing. There’s very little manual play or oral. 4. How you feel after you lose your virginity As a man at least, it was a fairly embarrassing experience, coming almost immediately. Even though I felt love for my partner, there was nothing special about it in any way. Later sexual experiences were much more exciting for me. 3 real life sex

4. ‘Arranging for an empty flat…’ - Yup! That is step one. It has to be planned!

Anonymous says… Considering Hollywood at first, they tend to show quite a genuine intercourse scene and not play on flowers (seriously though!) like in Bollywood. The actors carefully blend in each other and show the best of their intimacy they can. Hardly however it’s on reel as it is in real.
Answering from the point of view of a girl in her early twenties, from India, in a very happy and fulfilling relationship. Before sex, in real life: 1. Arranging for an empty flat/ room (living in India in a conservative society, it’s never easy to find convenience when it comes to sex). Hotel rooms work but many people are scared of being secretly filmed by the hotel authorities. 2. Arranging for condoms (if you’re into playing on a safer side). 3. Conveying to your partner what actually you want or not that particular time (if you are into a relationship where communication plays an important part). During sex, in real life : 1. If you have a skin that’s too sensitive, it may hurt you to even get playfully pinched and played with. 2. Leg cramps during missionary. 3. Condom getting spoiled by too much friction (sometimes even the best quality ones). 4. Trying certain very easy positions and not being able to do it. 5. Not every time is sex so intimate and fulfilling as shown on screen. If not boring, then it certainly isn’t any bit interesting (only sometimes and also, this varies from relationships to relationships). 6. Getting tired during a position. After sex, in real life: 1. Peeing immediately after sex. 2. Mouthwash, if given a BJ. Sex is very subjective, different for each person. We do enjoy the tempting intimacy as shown on screen but that’s not everything about it. There’s more to sex than shown on the screen.
You can read the full thread here on Quora. Hey, not only sex, aren’t most things different in real life as opposed to on screen? GIFs: Tumblr