Copycats: T-series Gets Called Out For Copying Beyoncé In Their New Nora Fatehi Single

Copycats: T-series Gets Called Out For Copying Beyoncé In Their New Nora Fatehi Single

Be it fashion, film or music, each of these industries has been called out, time and again, for borrowing heavily, i.e. copying art and work that is not their own. Designers, influencers and many known labels have found themselves featured on Diet Sabya, an anonymous Instagram account that is best known for calling out instances of plagiarism across industries. This time too, the account pointed out to another act of lifting from an artist in a music video, except that the references were picked up from none other than Beyoncé herself. Needless to say, the disbelief was real. 

A Music Video Rip-Off

Here's taking a look at what the controversy is all about. 

When T-Series Copied From Beyoncé

In their recent post, Diet Sabya called out music giant T-series for the plagiarised release that is their new song called Pachtaoge, featuring Nora Fatehi. With visible similarities to Beyonce's 2014 hit single named Mine, Bhushan Kumar-led T-series drew heavily from the famed artist in terms of visual imagery, ranging from the set and background to the overall vibe. One look at it, and you will find yourself wondering how it's possible unless someone found inspiration copied the entirety of it from Beyoncé's video. 

Highlighting the same on Instagram, the anonymous account compared the two in a post with the caption,"@tseries.official out here stealing from THE QUEEN. Guts on 🐝!!" Take a look for yourselves.

Beyonce's famous single, which also featured Candian rapper Drake, topped the charts when it released back in 2014. In the opening sequence of the music video, the much-revered singer and songwriter can be seen wearing an off-the-shoulder white gown while she sings, a bevvy of background dancers performing behind her. A veil in white covers her head, not obscuring her face but at the same time imparting a distinctive appearance. Not a look that one forgets easily. 

Notably, the Nora Fatehi-starrer works along the same lines. Be it her white gown, the veil that covers her head or the background dancers dressed in the same costumes as those in Beyonce's video, the T-series song is a blatant rip-off. In an interview with a daily, the actress and dancer defended the video, stating that many artists had been 'referenced' for the visuals, the second look of hers being inspired by 'The Black Swan.' As of now there has been no official statement made by T-series. 
We don't know what to make of this explanation, but to quote one of the comments on Diet Sabya, "This is it! I am done with 2020."

Featured Image: Instagram/Youtube