This Insta Account Is Calling Out Fashion Copy-Cats & We Can't Stop Laughing!

This Insta Account Is Calling Out Fashion Copy-Cats & We Can't Stop Laughing!

With time and pace, the global fashion industry has become vast and has been welcoming all kinds of innovations with open arms. But, where there original designs, there also exists copy-cats. Unless you are extremely observant and updated with each and every piece fashion world showcases, it’s difficult to track if a design is being copied without a credit or not. But an anonymous no-mercy Instagram account named Diet Prada is tracking the brands and calling them out for injustices. It’s impressive.

It started as an under-the-radar open handle that was like a digital folder between two friends to archive their lookalike findings, soon picked up on Instagram for impressive observations. In fact, a couple of months back, Diet Prada was given a shoutout by Naomi Campbell on her Instagram story. People seem to appreciate the way they raise a red flag to the designers and brands that are mimicking the originals of others.

From design stimulation to sexual harassment accusations, they are beginning to comment on larger issues as well. The voices for fashion behind Diet Prada are evidently fearless and sharp. They are serving the truth on the ‘fashion’ table seeking justice for the originals. Their agenda is not to sound mean but right. They share it as they see it with the followers and fans.   

Diet Prada shared with a leading publication that a part of their job was to “comb the runways.”

“We’d have to look through every single runway, so we began to realise, “That’s old Galliano.”

“Am I crazy, or is that so Prada?”

Then we’d pull them up and put them side-by-side and make collages. We started to upload them to Instagram to keep a record. We had no expectations. It was just funny. We were doing these live roasts to each other, purely for entertainment, to get us through the workday.”

Stefano Gabbana, one half of Dolce&Gabbana, who is known for his controversial posts on Instagram, also ran into a feud with Diet Prada in October 2017. Diet Prada posted a collage stating that D&G has copied Gucci Ghost, to which Gabbana's response was, "Darling, I make this job from 32 years, we made all this world in the ‘90…. so, if you are ignorante is much better for you don’t say anything about this image… Gucci copy us in many different way!!! This is one of… please say sorry to me!!❤️”. To which Diet Prada came back with “@stefanogabbana I think your visual display team should say sorry to you! 😭💔" (which only led to more heated posts).

Gabbana then responded, "@diet_prada dear you need to take fashion lesson in some school before to speak 😂😂❤️❤️ information is the top in fashion history”, before Diet Prada delivered the ultimate blow from their side, “@stefanogabbana we have…there wasn’t much written about DG unfortunately 😰😂💔💔".  

Out of many fashion copy-cats that they have called out, here are some latest ones that’ll surprise you, rather shock you!


Celeb exposure can be game-changing for small brands, but the downside (given your clothes land on the right girls) is that they make you extremely vulnerable to knockoffs.  A favorite of Kendall and Bella, is another indie label whose designs/aesthetic have been copied by the shameless sisters behind @tigermist and .  Made locally in Sydney, every Daisy collection is designed, styled, and shot by a wife/husband duo themselves. if it wasn't enough to downgrade their creations into a cheap, pervasive import business, they've also been known to poach their loyal instagram following by seeding those very knockoffs. Support independent brands when you can, Dieters! #daisydaisytv #daisydaisy #heavenlybodies #australia #dpaustralia #instathot #white #lace #copycat #knockoff #iamgia #tigermist #bellahadid #kendalljenner #nicolapeltz #petracollins #selenagomez #madeinsydney #ocexclusive #openingceremony #australiandesigner #sydney #husbandandwife #copycat #knockoff #dietprada

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Kudos to Diet Prada!