Dia Mirza Gets *Knotty* In This Groundbreaking Saree Style & We Know Why!

Dia Mirza Gets *Knotty* In This Groundbreaking Saree Style & We Know Why!

There's an old wives' tale that our mothers swore by whenever they lost something... whisper the name of the lost object into your pallu or dupatta and tie a knot around it. This knot could only be opened once the lost object is found, thus completing the ritual. Apologies to fellow Potterheads, but if you ask me, Neville's 'remembrall' has nothing on our desi moms and their tricks!

Was it this age-old practice that drove Dia Mirza to try something new with her saree pallu? Fashion is deeply rooted in our day-to-day activities and traditions, which have inspired and continue to inspire innovative designs to date. We think Mirza's stylist had something similar in mind when she created this look:

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At a recent event, the ever beautiful actress and philanthropist wore a floral-print silk saree styled with a kurti style blouse. We found her knotted pallu style supremely charming yet inspiring and original. It sure seems like a good way to curb the flat pallu problem with silk sarees, doesn't it? Also, the knot makes the fall of the drape different and is rather refreshing, TBH. We're not the only ones bored of the same old drape, are we?

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If you're planning on wearing a saree to a day event and also want to be comfortable, this is a good way to go. The knot detail will give you freedom from the hassle of fixing your pallu every time you make a move. And let's not forget that it lends a laid-back vibe to a classic garment like a saree. Dia prooves that even though it IS tricky, it can be done. 

We are obsessed with the saree, but we're also quite taken by the blouse! ICYMI, kurti and shirt style blouses are on-trend right now. Taking over cape blouses, these genre-bending blouses can be a fun change up from what you usually wear.

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The idea of a floral print ensemble for summer days are not 'groundbreaking' (we know, Miranda) but are admittedly evergreen. So, we found some pretty floral sarees you can wear for your next afternoon soiree AND look effortless all day!

Woven Saree with Contrast Border & Embroidery (Rs 6,879)

Mina Jaal Silk Saree with Contrast Zari Border (Rs 5,399)

Zari Mina Buti Saree with Ghicha Border (Rs 5,199)

Uppada Jaal Mina Saree with Zari Border (Rs 5,049)

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