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What Do Indian Guys & Girls Search On Google? Find Out Now!

What Do Indian Guys & Girls Search On Google? Find Out Now!

The world over, people like you and me use Google search to get answers to questions we can’t ask another person. But you and me are also desi darlings, who’ve got to deal with a lot more desi drama in our lives. So when the hashtag #DesiGoogleSearches started trending on Twitter, it totally caught our attention. Here’s what people think are the top desi Google searches…*Nodding head vigorously in agreement*
1. The life of every engineer. #TrueStory DesiGoogleSearches 1 Image: Milan Vaghela On Twitter 2. Kyunki...Hindi ka mazza hee alag hai! :p DesiGoogleSearches 2 Image: Swagshank On Twitter 3. ‘Coz until now in my life, hing meant hing, universally. DesiGoogleSearches 3 Image: DaaTanchi Tai On Twitter 4. When you can’t ask your mum, or your friend, or your boy… DesiGoogleSearches 4 Image: Ruchi kokcha On Twitter 5. For we, as a human race, will not rest till we find the answer to this question. DesiGoogleSearches 5 Image: DIVYA On Twitter 6. There never was a rival like Sharmaji’s son... DesiGoogleSearches 6 Image: Hunट र र On Twitter 7. Making life easy, since reservations... DesiGoogleSearches 7 Image: Anu Yaduvanshi On Twitter 8. And the legendary obsession with virginity... DesiGoogleSearches 8 Image: SammyDRAMA On Twitter 9. Oh, come on… even I want to know what Google has to say about me. DesiGoogleSearches 9 Image: TheSuperChatori On Twitter 10. This one is just the best, complete with Google’s search result too! DesiGoogleSearches 10 Image: Doplhin On Twitter 11. Because, WTF is LMAO?! - IDK, dude. DesiGoogleSearches 11 Image: Madhavan Narayanan On Twitter MUST-READ: These Girls Make Talking About Condoms & Stuff Seem So… EASY! MUST-READ: How Do Guys Buy Condoms? Varun Thakur Says Like THIS!
Published on May 14, 2016
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