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This Brave Delhi Girl Slapped The Man Who Dared To Harass Her In A Crowded Street

This Brave Delhi Girl Slapped The Man Who Dared To Harass Her In A Crowded Street

Have you gotten used to the men who pass obscene comments as you pass them by on the street? Or do you not even hear them anymore because your brain automatically blocks all the trash out? Well, it's high time we stood up against our harassers. And if you're looking for motivation, it's right here. 

A woman in Delhi's Gaffar Market was being harassed by a group of five men who passed lewd comments as she walked beside her friend. At first, she and her friend got into a rickshaw to avoid this group. But they continued to follow her and wouldn't stop repeating obscene statements. That's when she decided to take action, stepping off the rickshaw and slapping one of the men. 

Things escalated further when she dragged the men to a nearby police station as a crowd gathered around them. Two of the men have been arrested, Manish and Abhishek, who are from Charkhi Dadri in Haryana. 

While this is a one-off incident of a Delhi girl who decided to retaliate, what about the hundreds who ignore their harassers and walk away from these situations out of dread? Maybe it's time to stop fearing these situations and developing a tolerance towards them. It's time we fought up for ourselves. One woman's bold step today could determine another woman's safety tomorrow. 

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Published on Feb 27, 2018
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