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Deepika's Latest Look Confirms She's A Fallen Angel From Fashion Heaven

Deepika's Latest Look Confirms She's A Fallen Angel From Fashion Heaven

Admit it, no one does white better than Deepika Padukone. Whether she is wearing white separates, a white dress, a basic white T-shirt or white in Indian wear, DP cannot not look good in it. She has us believing that angels are real and live somewhere over cloud nine. Earlier today, Deepika was seen wearing a gorgeous white maxi dress at the airport on her way to Delhi for an event. And it looks like she is coming straight from fashion heaven, not Mumbai.

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Image: Instagram

In her signature clean bun look and round sunglasses, Deepika sure is giving us the 'I mean business' vibe with a hint of 'Here, take some candy'.


Image: Instagram

Her stylist, Shaleena Nathani, chose a Rajesh Pratap Singh dress for DP's flight which she paired with black flats completing the easy airport look. It comes with a crisp shirt collar, full sleeves and button-down details ending in a tie-up midriff resulting in a statement silhouette in the front. 


Image: Shaleena Nathani

In fact, Deepika is often seen wearing white hero pieces even on a casual basis, especially in 2018. Here are all the times she wore white to the airport this year:


Image: Shaleena Nathani


Image: Shaleena Nathani


Image: Shaleena Nathani


Image: Shaleena Nathani


Image: Shaleena Nathani

Is white going to make its way to your airport style, like Deepika Padukone, this vacation season? We highly suggest so.

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Published on Oct 5, 2018
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