Did You Notice? Deepika's Signature Hairstyle Is Her Wedding Favourite Too!

Did You Notice? Deepika's Signature Hairstyle Is Her Wedding Favourite Too!

Ever since the inception of Deepika's career as an actress, she's always been spotted wearing a neat bun. Topknots, ballet buns and braided ones - yep, they're her thing! It seems to be her signature hairstyle and for both her weddings, she's opted for a simple yet chic bun.  

For her big day, Celebrity Hairstylist, Gabriel Georgiou, was blessed with the opportunity of making our Queen look like royalty. While her jewellery and Sabyasachi outfits grabbed all the eyeballs at the party, her hair game was subtle and kept simple. On both occasions, she sported a middle parting, slicked back bun. At the South Indian wedding, her bun was tight and delicately laced with gajras and had a big jewel placed in the middle of the bun. The North Indian wedding had a different hairstyle. It was braided and later twisted into an elegant bun. 

deepika padukone  wedding  hair-bun


She could have gone with an over the top hairstyle, but, she chose comfort over making a mane statement! And I think that decision itself was commendable.

If you thought her love for this hairstyle would end just there, you're going to be in for a disappointment. She was spotted at the Mumbai airport on a Sunday morning wearing a neat low bun and stuck with the same hairstyle for the Griha Pravesh ceremony at Ranveer's home



Here's another picture of Deepika at Ranveer's home for the Griha Pravesh ceremony.



We wonder if she will continue keeping this hairstyle for the wedding ceremonies in Bengaluru on the 24th and in Mumbai on the 28th of November too. Guess only time will be able to answer that question! *Fingers crossed*   

Images Sources: Instagram

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