Deepika Padukone's BFF Reveals Secrets About the Actress And We're Oh-So Surprised!

Deepika Padukone's BFF Reveals Secrets About the Actress And We're Oh-So Surprised!

Deepika Padukone is not just a successful and talented actress, but she's also dearly loved and cherished by a lot of her friends. Every month, one person who is close to Deepika shares a fond memory of the actress on her website. After hubby Ranveer Singh, and director friends Meghna Gulzar and Imtiaz Ali, Deepika has received a heartfelt note from her BFF Sneha Ramchander.

Ahead of Friendship's Day, Sneha had the sweetest things to say about the Padmaavat actress. She described the kind of bond she shares with Deepika and the things she likes about her. But, like all best friends do, Sneha couldn't help spilling some secrets about her BFF.


Sneha revealed that Deepika is hyper-organised, owns a label-maker, and wait for this... she steals stuff! Well, we gasped, too, until Sneha further revealed that DP does this stealing well within the bounds of the law. LOL! Apparently, the Bajirao Mastani actress steals miniature bottles of her favourite shampoo from hotels when she travels. Well, looks like celebrities are not so different from us! *wink*

Sneha wrote, "Do you know someone whose presence feels like a warm hug and a hot cup of cocoa? Someone you can chat with for hours on end AND co-exist with happily in moments of silence and nothingness. Someone who has undeniably kind eyes…whose gaze makes you feel cared for at that moment. Someone who’s so hyper-organized that her most prized possession is most likely a label-maker, and she will gladly reorganize your home for you with it. Do you know someone who will steal, I mean to collect, miniature bottles of your favourite shampoo from hotels, when she travels, because she knows you love them? I do! I do! That’s my darling friend, DP. It’s a happy day for friends like us."

Deepika Padukone

Well, ain't that sweet?

In other news, a viral video of an Indian family vacationing in Bali went viral on social media. In the video, the family members were caught by the hotel for stealing their stuff... and the family took more than just shampoo bottles! The hotel staff found towels, electronics, decorative pieces and various other hotel accessories. While the family was checking out, the staff was seen scanning their bags, which contained electronics like a hairdryer and even a soap dispenser! Twitter was outraged at the family's behaviour and said that the family tarnished India's name in a foreign country.

Well, picking up souvenirs from a hotel, like toiletries and bathrooms slippers, is okay but I guess we should know where to draw the line. Need a list of stuff that is okay for you to take from a hotel? Please watch the Friends episode in which Ross counsels Chandler on what one can and cannot take from a hotel room during their stay. Also, we'll get another excuse to watch Friends for the nth time! *wink*

Featured Image: Instagram

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