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All The *Extra* Effort Deepika Padukone Takes For The Perfect Picture

All The *Extra* Effort Deepika Padukone Takes For The Perfect Picture

Have you heard the saying, 'do it for the gram'? Yes, it's for all that extra effort we put in to ensure our Instagram feed looks fine AF. When you pick that picture perfect cafe instead of your neighborhood dhaaba, or order a fancy cocktail instead of your regular poison. Yes, admit it, you're doing it for the gram. 

In today's episode of 'celebrities are just like us', we have Deepika Padukone showing us what it takes to capture a stunning picture. We're constantly taken aback by how flawless her makeup is. I mean, how can her look be so perfect every single time? We recently discovered her secret.

DP, who was one of the honorees of the Time 100 gala in New York on 24th of April 2018, shared a beautiful picture of what happens behind the camera. Apart from the fact that her makeup and her Anamika Khanna outfit was absolutely on point, there was one extra thing that helped give her picture a flawless touch!

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deepika padukone pictures time 100 new york inside 2

Source: Instagram

Did you figure out the trick? Let me spell it out for you. There was a beauty light directed right on her face to capture that glistening close up. And even though the highlighter was doing just the right thing, the light actually made her makeup pop. 

deepika padukone  time 100  New York inside 5

Source: Instagram

However, we cannot take away the fact that her makeup was absolutely stunning for the gala. The man behind the magic is Patrick Ta, an LA-based makeup artist who did Gigi Hadid's makeup later that day.

DP looked like a dream at the event and here is a picture of her final look!

deepika padukone pictures time 100 new york FI

Source: Instagram

She also posted a picture of the event thanking Time 100 for the honour.

deepika padukone pictures time 100 new york inside 1

Source: Instagram

So, let's take a minute to admire the beauty that DP is. Not just making us proud in India but making everyone drool over her beauty, globally. Look at her. Just look at her!

She thanked all her fans for waiting for her until the very end. Isn't she the cutest?

Congratulations, DP! We're very proud of you.

Published on Apr 26, 2018
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