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Deepika Just Stole All Of Priyanka's Thunder On Instagram

Deepika Just Stole All Of Priyanka's Thunder On Instagram

Deepika Padukone is currently trending and she’s everywhere! After taking to Twitter to defend a Padmavati rangoli made (and then destroyed) in Surat, the actor’s NEW song, Ghoomar from Padmavati is currently trending on YouTube. If that wasn’t all, Deepika Padukone has suddenly beaten Priyanka Chopra with 20 million (and counting) followers on Instagram and 21.1 million on Twitter.

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While Pee Cee has been actively engaging with her 19.8 million fans by posting about her dog, dinners with colleagues (when we say colleagues, we mean the cast of Quantico) and Diwali (keepin’ it real!), Deepika’s Instagram has been dormant for a long time. While Deepika has recently only posted posters in traditional costumes from Padmavati promotions, Priyanka has been keeping the fashion goals 'real' for us.

With Padmavati set to release on 1st December, her account is flooded with film stills, posters and the film’s trailer.

Not just that, but her fan clubs are also busy re-posting the latest from Padmavati.

While all 20 million of us would love to see more of the real Deepika Padukone, we’re forced to think this might be all connected to her film’s release!

Here are some recent looks of Priyanka that we love,

1. Because we’ll never have enough of that swirl

2. Lady in black

3. Because not everyone can rock that hot pink

Published on Oct 25, 2017
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