Deepika Padukone May Have Borrowed Ranveer Singh's Clothes But Still Owned 'Em & How!

Deepika Padukone May Have Borrowed Ranveer Singh's Clothes But Still Owned 'Em & How!

As a hopeless romantic, whenever I see a girl in her man's clothes, I melt into a puddle. In my defence, it's little things like this about a relationship that make you want to be in one, right? It's enough that it is insanely cute but there is more than one reason why borrowing your boyfriend's clothes is great!

One, it reminds you of him the whole time you're wearing them; Second, it is insanely sexy for a guy to see his girlfriend in his clothes (prepare for him to be all over you the whole time); Third and most importantly, it gives your wardrobe a break from the rut it is stuck in. So, you see, I take it very seriously. 

One half of my favourite couple on the planet ATM (DeepVeer), Deepika Padukone, does too. Smart girl. With a fashionable to-be-husband like Ranveer Singh, if you don't steal your man's clothes, are you even a fashion girl? 

deepika borrowed ranveers clothes 2

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We spotted Deepika at the airport in an outfit that seems to have come straight out of Ranveer Singh's closet.

deepika borrowed ranveers clothes 1

The Bollywood star wore a white relaxed fit kurta with cropped tapered bottoms and tan leather loafers. Deepika was also wearing spot-on round sunglasses and had a burgundy Hermes bag on her arm.

deepika borrowed ranveers clothes 4

The simple white kurta with that breast pocket and buttons at the top is a known staple for Indian men, isn't it? And we know Ranveer loves his white Indian wear. Exhibit A -

ranveer singh white kurta

Having said that, Deepika has always killed it in her white outfits. Maybe this was her own doing? Either way, she looks smoking hot for someone who is pretty much covered from H2T. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you need to borrow your boyfriend's clothes. Right. Now. 

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