For The First Time Ever, We Have A Woman Leading The Indian Tech Industry

For The First Time Ever, We Have A Woman Leading The Indian Tech Industry

If there's one thing that 2018 is going to go down in history for, it's the resounding crash of the glass ceiling that women are shattering around the world. From seizing their fundamental right to vote to spearheading projects and leading multinational corporations around the world, women have risen like true champions in their field of choice. Speaking of trailblazers who've shaped our society, here's everything you need to know about the woman who's making headlines in your social media timeline today - Debjani Ghosh. 

After working at Intel Corp. for 20 years, Debjani Ghosh will now take over as the president of the National Association of Software and Services Companies in April - three decades after its formation. This effectively makes her the first woman to head a tech body in 30 years. 

Wait. Let that sink in. 

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Ghosh will lead the trade body that represents global leaders in software outsourcing from Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. to Infosys Ltd, and as her role as president for NASSCOM promises to advocate for women in a workplace that remains male-dominated.

According to a report by Economic Times, India’s IT services sector employs about four million skilled workers and nearly a third are women, but that imbalance becomes wider as one goes higher up the ladder. Ghosh believes that a part of the problem is talent drain. In an interview, she said, "Things have to change. We have to check talented, capable women dropping out. Leakages are the challenge and I want to focus on how to fix that". 

The ET report also states that Ghosh's role in the company comes at an important time,  as she will be representing an industry transforming itself from low-paid legacy work such as maintaining computer systems and getting into newer technologies from the cloud to artificial intelligence. Her role will focus on helping Nasscom’s 2,400-plus members grapple with controversial issues such as hiring, which is flattening due to the onset of automation, and the likelihood of more layoffs.

There's much to be done and much more to be overcome, but Ghosh's appointment in itself is considered a victory for women around the world. 

“The industry needs more role models,” said Sangeeta Gupta, a senior vice president at Nasscom. “Debjani is a signal that the tide is turning.”

Women taking over nearly every professional sphere in the world? Looks like Beyonce was right after all! 

Images: Economic Times, Financial Express