Dear Dusky Girl, Here's How You Can Rock Brown Like The Bigg(est) Boss Hina Khan!

Dear Dusky Girl, Here's How You Can Rock Brown Like The Bigg(est) Boss Hina Khan!

Hina Khan has been giving us all kinds of street style goals from her trip to London and we are sure that, if not Bigg Boss, there is one thing she is really winning and that is our hearts. After a wild and viole(n)t show of her Indian wear, Hina Khan took to Instagram to show us how a dusky girl can wear brown and own it without looking washed out.

1 hina khan - in brown dress posing in london

Isn't she looking good enough to eat?

2 Hina Khan - brown dress

In a flared midi dress, Hina Khan shows us how to make brown look good on anyone and the secret is - colourblocking!

3 hina khan - brown and green dress

Wearing one single shade of brown, in fact, one single shade of any colour can, and often does, give you a flat look which makes you appear washed out. This, people understand to mean that the colour simply just doesn't suit their skin tone but they are wrong more often than not. Hina, here, is proof of that.

4 hina khan - street style fashion london

We're loving how Hina has cinched a belt matching her booties around her waist. It's giving the illusion of more defined flares to the mesh dress.

5 hina khan - close up on brown dress london

Elements of dark green and white are giving an attractive appeal to the dress making it look three dimensional.

6 hina khan - shades of brown

In fact, her outfit (and makeup) is reminding us of yet another pretty brown number by Fendi that Priyanka Chopra wore recently.

7 hina khan - priyanka chopra brown dress fendi

Both the dresses have similar silhouettes. While Hina's dress is colour-blocked, Priyanka's has a play of stripes lending a structured look to the outfit.

So, no more refraining from brown, ladies!

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