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This Pilot Daughter Flew Her Mother's Retirement Flight & The Internet Can't Stop Awwing

This Pilot Daughter Flew Her Mother's Retirement Flight & The Internet Can't Stop Awwing

Being an only daughter, I can safely say one thing, I wake up every morning to make my parents proud. And just like me, there are so many daughters who would do anything to see a smile on their parents' face. One such story is of Ashrrita, an Air India pilot who got the opportunity to fly her air hostess mother's retirement flight. 

Pooja Chinchankar retired on Tuesday as a cabin crew member after a Mumbai-Bengaluru-Mumbai flight, which her daughter, Ashrrita co-piloted. She was serving as a cabin crew for Air India, but what made her last flight before retirement special was the fact that her daughter was in the cockpit.

Captain Paresh Nerurkar announced on the flight that it was Pooja's last flight after 38 years in service and that her daughter was co-piloting it with him. The video of Pooja walking down the aisle one last time as a cabin crew member with passengers cheering her on was shared online by Ashrrita and it will surely bring tears to your eyes.

According to a popular daily, Ashrrita was a mass media student who was always interested in flying. She told them that her mother always wanted her to fly her last flight as a cabin crew member. She requested the airlines to arrange her schedule in a way that she could fly her mother as per her wish. Super sweet, isn't it?

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Published on Aug 1, 2018
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