‘Bae Did The *Sweetest* Thing After Our Fight…’ 7 Girls Share!

‘Bae Did The *Sweetest* Thing After Our Fight…’ 7 Girls Share!
Apologies aren’t easy! We have all spent hours writing those sweet handwritten notes, cute Facebook posts, buying greeting cards, sending romantic texts and long letters to makeup with our boyfriends. Ever wondered how far would your guy go to bring back that smile on your face when he messes up? We found 7 girls who shared on Whisper the cute ways boyfriends apologize! Read on to discover some of the cutest apology ideas!

1. ‘Coz flowers always work!


2. Because the way to everyone’s heart is FOOD!


3. He’s a great guy!

3 ways boyfriends

4. All’s well that ends well! *wink*

4 boyfriends apologize

5. Aww… That’s SO adorable! *hugs*


6. YES! You guessed it right.

6 boyfriends apologize

7. Sometimes all it takes to make up is a sweet apology!

7 You can read the full thread here on Whisper. So what did your boyfriend do to makeup for the last fight? Images: Whisper