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Having A Bad Day? THIS Baby Video Will Cheer You Up Instantly!

Having A Bad Day? THIS Baby Video Will Cheer You Up Instantly!

The ever expanding internet is a magical place for all things informative, cute, and sometimes down right crazy! A true contender to the millions of views gathered by cat videos, however, has to be baby videos! Everyone goes nuts when it comes to babies doing unusual things, and these either become memes (remember the success baby?) or grow to become internet viral legends (Charlie Bit My Finger, we salute you!)

Right along the same vein we have Evian that came up with a commercial that gives us a peek into what it feels like to wash up on an island that is literally surrounded and inhabited by just toddlers! Set to the background score of Kokomo by the Beach Boys, this ad is going to be the cutest thing you see today. We dare you to not crack a smile as you watch it!

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Published on Sep 13, 2017
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