#TrendAlert: Customised Chura Covers Are A Thing & Brides Are Lovin’ Them!

#TrendAlert: Customised Chura Covers Are A Thing & Brides Are Lovin’ Them!

Hey brides-to-be, it’s your special day and you want everything to be perfect, obviously. From picking out the perfect lehenga to buying that stunning jewellery, you leave no stone unturned to look your best on your D-day. One thing that’s an imperative part of the dulhan’s wedding look is the chura. Brides from all cultures are making churas a part of their wedding look and now we even have something know as chura covers!

What are chura covers & why are they needed?

Well, if you don’t know much about the tradition of chura, then let us tell you that this is a gift to all of us from Punjabi weddings. Traditionally, the maternal uncle of a Punjabi bride gifts the chura. As per tradition, the bride isn’t allowed to see the chura before she gets all dressed up as a bride because it is considered inauspicious. Therefore, white handkerchiefs were used to cover the bangles. Enter, customised chura covers!

The One With Your Wedding Hashtag


Kamya Panjabi, who recently got married to beau Shalabh Dang, wore a pretty pair of chura covers. She had her wedding hashtag #ShubhMangalKaSha embroidered on it. So beautiful, isn’t it? You can even get your wedding date, both of your's initials or a love quote!

The One With The Blessings


Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava is a Sanskrit phrase that means, ‘May you always be happy as a married woman’. And what better than getting this beautiful blessing embroidered on your chura cover.

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Motif Designs


Parrot motif is the symbol of courtship and passion and is mostly found in the artwork narrating the story of Lord Krishna and Radha. Therefore, this is another traditional design that you can opt for. 

If you liked the idea of chura covers, here are four Instagram stores you can pick them from: 

Pirohi by NB: Pretty chura covers at a reasonable price. Follow them here

House of Florals - by Payal: Engineer-turned-entrepreneur Payal owns the brand and primarily deals in floral jewellery, but they do have good options of chura covers too. Follow them here.   

- Rajwadi Wedding Chooda: They deal in artificial jewellery and have a great variety of chura covers as well. Follow them here.

TheHandKrities: They are your one-stop destination for all kinds of floral accessories and customised chura covers. Follow them here.  

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