People Misbehaved With The Bigg Boss Contestants And We Just Don't Know What To Say!

People Misbehaved With The Bigg Boss Contestants And We Just Don't Know What To Say!

Bigg Boss season 11 is going on in full swing and has almost reached the end. While there may be a lot of twists and turns, there is one thing that stays the same - entertainment, entertainment and entertainment! This week led to a new turning point AKA the mid-week evictions for which the contestants were asked to go to a mall in Mumbai and appeal for votes to their fans face-to-face. While there are a total of six contestants left from the 19 that started the show, the competition is crazy and nervousness is taking over the country and how!

Four out of the six namely Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, and Luv Tyagi were nominated for this week's eviction. And the remaining two, Akash Dadlani and Puneesh Sharma, were declared safe. The four nominated ones were supposed to go to the Inorbit Mall in Vashi to meet their fans and make their appeal to them directly. However, things didn't really take a very good turn from there and these contestants were mobbed by their fans! That's right!

While some people really came to see them and carry the voting process with utmost respect, others just messed things up for the contestants.

Some people have reported pulling of Hina Khan's hair for which there are a couple of reactions posted on Instagram and we wonder how things took such an ugly turn? After seeing the uncontrollable crowd, the authorities decided to take the contestants back to the house within 15 minutes. Then they made their plea from inside the house, eventually.

While we are not sure what exactly happened there but we're almost certain it was absolutely uncalled for. The chaos and all the other things that followed. It was just a bad experience for all. It's clear that this show has gained a lot of popularity and that any form of public appearances will have to be done with a lot of planning and security, of course.

The finale is not too far and not many people are left in the competition. While everyone is nervous, there are a lot of people rapidly casting their votes. And everyone wants to know who is going to win. Well, here's hoping the contestants are not traumatised by the events and may the best man/woman win!