7 *Crazy* PMS Stories That’ll Make You Laugh Till You Cry!!

7 *Crazy* PMS Stories That’ll Make You Laugh Till You Cry!!
Periods are the worst! They make a sane woman completely crazy. There’s no single woman on this earth who doesn’t hate periods and what’s even worse? PMS - premenstrual syndrome. You know your vagina is gonna bleed every month but you don’t know when - maybe today, maybe tomorrow or maybe three days later - arrrghh it’s so annoying. Well, we found this thread on Whisper where some women are sharing their crazy PMS stories. Read them and we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to them at some level.

1. We’re suddenly so considerate and then crazy the next moment! Mood swings from hell.

1 crazy PMS stories

2. Chocolate always helps. Always.

2 crazy PMS stories

3. Haha! This one is SO funny. We’re gonna use this next time someone wakes us up from a nap.

3 crazy PMS stories

4. Yeah, finding a comfortable position is very hard.

4 crazy PMS stories

5. We are all different people when we’re PMSing.

5 crazy PMS stories

6. What’s with periods and pets?

6 crazy PMS stories

7. We should SO do this!

7 crazy PMS stories You can find the full thread here. Well, these were some super crazy stories! But hey, what’s yours? Images: Whisper