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Food For Thought: Recent Study Shows That Couples In A Loving Relationship Gain More Weight

Food For Thought: Recent Study Shows That Couples In A Loving Relationship Gain More Weight

Wondering how you've been putting on those extra pounds ever since you started dating? Well, turns out you aren't the only one. A recent study suggests that couples in a healthy relationship are more likely to gain weight together!

Researchers at Central Queensland University in Australia assessed more than 15,000 adults, out of which three-forth were in a happy relationship. The study found that people who were in a romantic relationship exhibited healthier lifestyle choices (quit smoking, drink less and exercise) but are more likely to have an increased BMI.

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The lead researcher Stephanie Schoeppe told New Scientist magazine, "When couples don’t need to look attractive and slim to attract a partner, they may feel more comfortable eating more, or eating more foods high in fat and sugar." The average age of this study was 52 years of age and it showed that singles didn't gain as much weight as those in a healthy relationship.

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Fondly known as 'love weight,' - it is common in people in a loving relationship who gain weight during the first two to four years of their relationship. Another study by The New England Journal Of Medicine showed that if one spouse gained weight, the other was 37% more likely to gain weight and become obese. The lead researcher of the study, Andrea Meltzer said that it was basically satisfaction in a relationship that leads to weight gain. "Satisfaction is positively associated with weight gain," Meltzer said. "Spouses who are more satisfied tend to gain more weight, and spouses who are less satisfied tend to gain less weight."

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The study concluded that obesity can spread through social ties, which is why a sibling is 40% more likely to gain weight if the other sibling is obese or gaining weight. So you can go ahead and blame your brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend and partner the next time you find your weighing scale tipping to the right!

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