How Does It Feel To *Wait* For Sex? 9 Couples Reveal...

How Does It Feel To *Wait* For Sex? 9 Couples Reveal...
Every relationship goes through different phases! There are moments when you express your love to each other - it’s all happy and you’re on cloud nine. Then there are moments when you two are in the honeymoon phase - getting to know each other is the best feeling. After all this, there comes a time when the couple starts to feel the intimacy. It’s then when people think about whether or not to take their relationship to the next level. While some couples prefer to wait before having sex, some don’t. We found this thread on Whisper in which virgin couples share the reasons they aren’t having sex.

1. There’s no pressure...

1 sex

2. Oops! Lock the room, guys. Always lock the room.

2 sex

3. Because ‘first times’ are overrated!

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4. If he regrets dating you for not having sex, leave him.


5. There, she said it. Love is not sex.


6. Try, try and try!

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7. Don’t listen to what others say!


8. Because sometimes, it’s okay to wait.


9. Google, guys! The internet has all the answers. *wink*

9 You can find the full thread here. Well, now we know what it *REALLY* feels like to wait before having sex.