I Woke Up Like This: A 5-Minute Prep Routine For Those Morning Video Calls

I Woke Up Like This: A 5-Minute Prep Routine For Those Morning Video Calls

It’s 9:15 in the morning. The verdict is out, you’ve overslept. This global lockdown, work from home and coronavirus situation has really taken a toll on your routine. Your video conference is in exactly 15 minutes and your face looks like you were up all night, building Rome. Your hair can nest a nice family of birds, outfit reeks of the food you spilt on yourself last night and let’s just say, you need a fairy godmother immediately. So, what to do?

Take a bath? Nah, will take up too much of the time. Apply lipstick? But what about those puffy eyes?

Don’t worry, we got you!

Time To Fake It

Don't rush it, you've still got time ya. Let's get you fixed in 5 minutes 😉

Wash Your Face

Splash some cold water on your face so that your skin wakes up from that long beauty sleep you took. Splash more water in your eyes as it'll help reduce any redness or puffiness around your eyes.

Some TLC

Use a towel to pat dry your face, mix two drops of facial oil with your moisturizer to instantly add a dewy finish. Spray your face with a revitalizing facial mist or rose water, if required. 

Remember to always use a night cream or mask before sleeping so that you wake up with beautiful, radiant skin.

Brush your hair or tie it up into a cute ponytail. 

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Keep It Rollin'

While you're setting up and charging your laptop, use a facial roller real quick to reduce puffiness around your eyes and on your face. If you do not have a facial roller or any type of beauty tools, just keep two large spoons in the freezer for a mixture and rub them all over your face.

Skip this step if you'd rather use makeup 😉 

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For Your Eyes Only

Just a nice stroke of a kohl liner can take your look from * I haven't slept in years* to *I am so excited for this meeting* real quick. Apply it on your waterline and awaken your eyes.

If your eyes are seriously red from binge-watching everything that's on Netflix currently, add a few drops of eye drops. Use some mascara, if needed.

Add A Flush Of Colour

To look more lively, add a tiny bit of colour on your face. A swipe of a nice lip tint or a nude lipstick, followed by a flush of blush on your cheeks. This will make you look fresh and more presentable.


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Make Up

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Conceal Everything

There's literally no time for you to put on a full face of glam but you can always use a concealer to dab out any imperfections. Since you'll be *facing* a whole lot of people on camera, the HD camera may amplify any sort of blemishes you have on your face.

Use a concealer if you have time, or simply sit in a bright sunny window to give your skin a gorgeous sun-kissed glow. Sans makeup!

Make Up

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Open your eyes, Sleeping Beauties. The only thing that'll wake us up tomorrow is Prince Charming your 9 am alarm.

Featured Image: Freepik.com

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