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When Congress Wished PM Modi Happy Valentine's Day...

When Congress Wished PM Modi Happy Valentine's Day...

Yesterday, everyone celebrated Valentine's Day; including our beloved Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who probably got the best Valentine's Day wish. From whom, you wonder? The entire Congress party, of course. This is a love affair that has never dulled the spirits of our country and dates back decades (loyalty FTW). Isn't it obvious then, for the two to naturally express their heartfelt emotions on the day of love?

The members of the Congress party (who don't really seem to be upto much, other than calling the BJP out on their reforms), took a loving dig at Modi, his policies and everything he believes in - one figurative love bite at a time. Check out the video posted on Twitter here: 

Taking their 'bromance' up a notch - what with Pehla Nasha playing as the background number in the video, the Congress asked Mr Modi to spread love and not jumlas. Since we know that our PM Modi is a big hugger - the world is both proof and privy to it - the video even asked him to 'hug less and work more'.  The best part? Like every heartbroken partner,  the Congress asked our Prime Minister not to make promises he certainly can't keep. Isn't this just like every other bittersweet romantic relationship ever? We feel you BJP and Congress. Thank you for giving us some lighthearted fun this Valentine's Day.  

After such romance, we can't help but say - what is meant to be, will find a way to be together. It's well proven, at least in this extremely politicised relationship!