‘What Compromise Did You Make In Your Marriage?’ 5 People Share

‘What Compromise Did You Make In Your Marriage?’ 5 People Share
Do you ever think about the compromises people have to make in marriage? We don’t know about you, but we sure have given this a thought. Married life often turns out to be quite different from your regular life. You have to live with a new family, your lifestyle changes in many ways and you have to make compromises. But do you know what these compromises are? Some people on Quora answered the question and here’s what they had to say...

1. ‘I'm happily married, but I'm not so happy about this compromise…’ - Hahaha! Yes, food is important, we agree.

Meera S says… Food! Yes, food, I'm a south Indian, a Tamil to be specific. I'm more Tamil than you can imagine. My mom was posted in Assam for several years, yet we had idli for breakfast and dosai for dinner. My husband is from Allahabad, he has once been to Chennai and just for a day. He clearly had no idea about our food, he had no clue that dosai, sambar and chutney were made at home till we moved in together. He likes the south Indian cuisine, but he cannot eat it everyday. Dosai can be his evening snack , but not dinner. Unlike me who can have dosai and idli for any meal of the day and drool over rasam rice. I have compromised on this. We eat roti, dal and subzi for lunch and dinner. Dosai or idli or puli kolambu or rasam have become once in a month thing. Because, ours is a two member household and I cannot get two types of meals made everyday. Yes I'm happily married, but I'm not so happy about this compromise. If anyone tells me that this is nothing infront of love, I'm sorry I love my food too!
1 compromises in marriage

2. ‘That bike freaked me out. I hated seeing that bike everyday…’ - Yeah, we can totally understand...

Priya Swaminathan says… I am going to write this on behalf of my husband. It's an arranged marriage and we accepted our differences quite well. But, there was one thing we didn't agree on - his racing bike. I wanted him to quit riding his favorite racing bike because I was very concerned. He rides it at a very high speed. Every time he used to ride that bike, my imagination ran wild and I had panic attacks. I used to wave him goodbye when he left the house, but I just used to run inside the house and pray for him to return home safely. That bike freaked me out. I hated seeing that bike everyday. I wanted him to sell it and buy a gearless bike or a car. But he loved his bike so much and could not do it. So he HAD to choose between me or his bike. I know that it is a big deal for a guy. Now he cleans it every week, oils, inflates the tires (also talks to the bike sometimes!) and covers it back again.
He doesn't ride it because he doesn't want to upset his wife.

3. ‘I have had to make no compromises in marrying my lady…’ - Aww… Maybe that’s what true love actually is...

Don Miller says… Actually I have had to make no compromises in marrying my lady. We are deeply in love and fit together as if we were to separated halves of one spirit reunited. I suppose that I do compromise sometimes when we go to watch a movie that she wants to see, but we also go to watch my movie as well. Marrying my lady has not been about compromise, it has been about seeing the world through the eyes of another, finding someone I would not want to live without and living my life to the fullest. Others may feel that marriage is about compromise, but I see it as a chance to fly higher than ever before. 3 compromises in marriage

4. ‘Change all your not-so-good habits, cut-short your time with your friends…’ - Well, that’s the compromise even your wife would have made...

Ashwin Saxena says… Your Personal Space! Before Marriage:
You are independent, feel free to go anywhere with your friends, you decide your own dreams and responsibilities for yourself, and you don't stress much about life. After Marriage: Every day you have to share every single instance with your partner, change all your not-so-good habits, cut-short your time with your friends, you have to live upto your partner's expectations. But, overall, being in love and then married makes it even more beautiful. After being in a relationship, you learn a lot as you get a meaning to your life by being responsible towards your  family.

5. ‘I live the same life I lived before…’ - Amazing, is there anything better than that?

Gisella Famà says… Nothing. Really, you read it right, nothing. No compromise. No change. I live the same life I lived before, only now it's better because I have an amazing person by my side. Before he was a boyfriend, now a husband, but he mainly has always been one of the good people I wanted to have in my life, at least as a friend. Marrying was the easiest decision in life I ever had to take. But seriously, I cannot think of a thing that I had to give up or that he had to change.
5 compromises in marriage You can read the full thread here on Quora. Okay, that was quite insightful. Right?! GIFs: Tumblr