7 Guys Share... Compliments They *Want* To Get From Girls!

7 Guys Share... Compliments They *Want* To Get From Girls!
We all love receiving compliments, right? But do you ever wonder what compliments your boyfriend loves? In a relationship, it’s not only the women who like to hear that they look amazing, or that they are wanted. Men also love receiving compliments and just like us, it makes their day better. We found some confessions on Whisper from men who shared the compliments they love hearing from girls. Read on, you could use some on your guy to make him happy...

1. Okay, noted. We are going to tell our boyfriends how we feel more often now.

1 compliments men like

2. Yeah, who doesn’t like hearing that they are fun to hang out with?!

2 compliments men like

3. Oh, we’ll keep this in mind. And men do look quite sexy while cooking...

3 compliments men like

4. True. Even girls like to be appreciated!

4 compliments men like

5. Something like… ‘Thank you for opening the jar, you’re so strong’?

5 compliments men like

6. Yup, this one has an effect on girls as well!

6 compliments men like

7. Aww… This is actually the sweetest compliment anyone could get.

7 compliments men like We found these confessions here on Whisper. So what is that one line your boyfriend loves to hear? Images: Whisper