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You Wouldn't Want To Wear Anything Else Once You See *These* Slogan Dresses!

You Wouldn't Want To Wear Anything Else Once You See *These* Slogan Dresses!

Some fashion designers aim to make a statement and some statements aim to make fashion. That is exactly what happened when Viktor and Rolf, the avant-garde luxury fashion house, showcased their collection at the ongoing Paris Haute Couture 2019. When dresses as big as our dreams, as colourful as unicorns and as quirky as Phoebe Buffay, flooded the ramp, all hell broke loose. Women all over, including us, are now haunted by these statement dresses 'coz once you see them, they are all you want to dress up in, all day, every day.

The fashion house debuted their spring-summer 2019 haute couture collection, featuring voluminous ruffles, gigantic sleeves and yummy tulle. In addition, each dress boasted a slogan that's basically all of us. Here are all the 17 wonderful dresses that made a head-turning statement, and quite literally, at the Paris Haute Couture 2019.

1. When You Have 'Literally' Nothing To Wear


Image: Instagram

2. When The Annoying Ex Still Texts You


Image: Instagram

3. When The Auto Wale Bhaiya Doesn't Go By The Metre


Image: Instagram

4. Something You Will Never Say To Anyone Ever


Image: Instagram

5. When Irony Is All You've Got


Image: Instagram

6. The Perfect Work Outfit Doesn't Exis...


Image: Instagram

7. When Vodka Goes In And Truth Comes Out


Image: Instagram

8. When A Random Guy Walks Towards You At A Party


Image: Instagram

9. When You Want To Channel Your Inner Geet


Image: Instagram

10. The General Mood On Monday


Image: Instagram

11. When You Want The Grass To Be Green On Your Side, Too


Image: Instagram

12. When Zara's New Collection Drops


Image: Instagram

13. When Forever 21's New Collection Drops


Image: Instagram

14. When You Just Want To Put Your Agenda Out There


Image: Instagram

15. Cupcake VS Cupcake Calories


Image: Instagram

16. Pink And Peace Go Hand-In-Hand, Always


Image: Instagram

17. The One Thing It All Comes Down To


Image: Instagram

If you tell me that you don't want all of these colourful, badass, statement-making dresses in your wardrobe right now, you would be lying. Now, you decide whether you want to be stylish or a liar.

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Published on Jan 24, 2019
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