I Lilac You! We're Crushing Over This Couple's Perfectly Coordinated Pre-Wedding Outfits

I Lilac You! We're Crushing Over This Couple's Perfectly Coordinated Pre-Wedding Outfits

Couples who coordinate their wedding outfits will always hold a special place in our hearts. Seriously, there are only a few things that say commitment to us than outfits that have been coordinated to the T. After all it takes great understanding and chemistry to sit down and discuss outfits, painstakingly decide on every single detail, and put together a perfectly balanced look. 

That said, the balance is important here. Too much matchy-matchy and you run the risk of looking like a cloud of colour merging together (in a bad way, of course). Too underwhelming and the outfits end up missing the point. Thus, it's almost serendipity when we find a couple that has arrived at the perfect balance and well, we just found one that has us hooked on their A+ coordination skills. 

We just stumbled upon Rubal Wadhwa and Abhinav Kakkar's pics from their pre-wedding festivities and boy, do they have their style on fire! Here's everything that we are loving about their color-coordinated look:

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Who's The Most Colour-Coordinated Of Them All


For one of their pre-wedding functions, Abhinav and Rubal opted for very strategically matched grey and lilac outfits. While the colours beautifully merge into each other, it is the mirror work on the outfits that is bringing the entire look together by adding a touch of uniformity to both the bride and groom's look.

Abhinav definitely is looking every bit dapper in that three-piece kurta pajama set. We are loving that mirror work bandhgala jacket and how it is adding structure to the entire look. Also, on our fashion radar is that kurta that looks very much complete even without the jacket, all thanks to the well-thought-of neck embroidery. 


But wait till you see the bride's chikankari meets mirror work lehenga and how she has styled it with a delicate cape instead of a regular dupatta. Don't miss out on the plunging neckline and the tassled hem of her top. Our favourite detail here? The starlit hand embroidery effect on her cape created with the smattering of mirror work. Love! 


We love how the bride has opted for a maroon choker to add a statement touch to her look. Well, this couple really knows their way with the colours! 


Also, we love how the bride has opted for a no-makeup makeup look with luminous skin and nude lips. Quite a look if you ask us! Here's how you can recreate it:

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Well, isn't that one hell of a stylish couple?

Featured Image: Instagram