9 Brides Reveal What They Feared The Most Before The Wedding!

9 Brides Reveal What They Feared The Most Before The Wedding!
You must have heard that it’s quite common for the bride-to-be to get cold feet before the wedding, but have you ever wondered what they actually think about? What actually makes them so nervous before the big day? Well, we hadn’t given this a thought… But some real brides on Whisper shared some of the most unexpected reasons they got cold feet before their wedding! Here’s what they confessed...

1. “I waited till marriage to have sex, now I’m scared...” - Getting cold feet JUST a day before the wedding must be tough!

1 cold feet before wedding

2. “I’m scared that I’ll trip on my wedding dress while walking…” - Okay, this one has made us nervous...

2 cold feet before wedding

3. “The thought of a huge family gives me anxiety!” - Well, it would make anyone nervous...

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4. “I’m scared he’ll get bored…” - If someone truly loves you, they can never get bored…

4 cold feet before wedding

5. “I keep thinking that he’s gonna leave me!” - Getting cold feet must be so annoying!

5 cold feet before wedding

6. “What if he stops loving me…?” - It’s pre-wedding jitters talking! Just chill...

6 cold feet before wedding

7. “I’m scared because I’ll have to wake up early that day…” - This is SO us! We totally relate… :P

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8. “I’m scared that I’ll have to learn to adult!” - We totally get what you’re saying! No one wants to adult, life is tough… *Sigh*

8 cold feet before wedding

9. “I’m too young…” - If you think it’s the right time to marry, go for it...

9 cold feet before wedding
We found these confessions here on Whisper. OMG! We’re not getting married anytime soon, but these confessions have given us cold feet!