Rejoice, CBSE Says Class 10th Mathematics Retest Will Not Happen!

Rejoice, CBSE Says Class 10th Mathematics Retest Will Not Happen!

Class 10th kids, don't cancel your vacation because your mathematics re-exam is not happening!

A source at the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) said on Tuesday that there won't be a retest for Class 10th because, after a thorough analysis and evaluation of answer sheets, officials didn't find any trend that indicated the impact of the leak on the exam.

It will be officially announced soon. This news is, for sure, a relief to 1.7 million students who took the exam on March 28. The public has not been happy with the examination board since the announcement for the re-examination of class 10th's mathematics and class 12th's economics paper due to the leak. The images of a handwritten question math paper were being circulated on social media since March 26.

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Although the class 12th economics examination has been scheduled for April 25. Earlier, class 10th maths exam was expected to be held in July. Officials of the Delhi high court, however, asked the CBSE as to why they wanted to make students wait until July to re-conduct the test and keep them on tenterhooks for so long. In a hearing on April 2, the court observed that it would not only waste an academic year for the students, but would also be keeping "a sword hanging over their heads."

The court subsequently asked CBSE to take a decision on the issue and inform it by April 16, saying that class 10 is crucial for the students. Based on their results they decide what streams of studies to take up for classes 11 and 12. The court was looking forward to a date in April instead of July but now the decision is in favour of students.

So happy holidaying, until the madness of Class 11 begins!

Images: Hindustan Times, Shutterstock

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