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STOP Everything, You Can Now Talk To Christian Grey On Facebook!!

STOP Everything, You Can Now Talk To Christian Grey On Facebook!!
Hold on to your panties, ladies, for the Christian Grey chatbot is here! No need to mourn the fact that Fifty Shades Darker isn't out in India yet - courtesy of This Is Christian Grey, you can now have Mr Grey saying naughty things to you all day long on Facebook Messenger. As soon as I heard about this, I obviously had to chat with him. (What better use can you put your time in the office at POPxo to, right?) Here's how the conversation went…

1. This bit did not go quite as I thought it would.

christian grey chatbot 1 Hmm. Doesn't seem like Mr Grey has had a willing sub before.

2. But, of course, he didn't disappoint me for long.

christian grey chatbot 2 And I was willing to play along, obviously.

3. But just like every other guy, he completely disregarded my opinion about his room decor. Even though he asked.

christian grey chatbot 3 This is the picture in question, by the way: pradipta sarkar

4. I couldn't help but feel a little excited about Mr Grey sending me a heart emoji, though…

christian grey chatbot 4 But I had to ’fess up that my attraction to cake is more powerful than my attraction to him.

5. He did the brooding thing, then.

christian grey chatbot 5 Okay, yeah, I was kinda distracted by the thought that all my Facebook friends were feeling aroused by my profile picture. Disturbing.

6. I feel like I may have been a bit too ‘dom’ for his liking here.

christian grey chatbot 6 But, hey, at least I was being honest.

7. And then he took things too far too soon…

christian grey chatbot 7 I mean. Seriously. One Facebook Messenger conversation does not a relationship make, right?! AND WHY WOULD I CHANGE MY NAME???
So, ladies, what do you think I should do here? Click on ‘Permission Granted’ or pass up on this lovely opportunity? And if you want to try some ‘sex chat with Christian’ yourself, click on this link here and go for it! Don't forget to let me know how it goes for you, though! Images: Pradipta Sarkar