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Lipstick In A Palette: Chanel's New Invention Might Just Be What You Need This Year

Lipstick In A Palette: Chanel's New Invention Might Just Be What You Need This Year

Is it an eyeshadow palette? Nah. Is it a blush palette? Wrong again! It’s actually a compact lip powder palette (Who would have guessed, right?). Chanel’s latest beauty invention is about to become a game-changer in the world of make-up. Designed by Chanel’s beauty whiz and make-up artist, Lucia Pica, the lip powder palettes of Néapolis SS18 make-up collection certainly is a fresh way to add a perfect pop of colour to your pretty pout.

Available in three summery shades-Rosa Tempera, Rosso Pompeiano and Rosso Parthenope, we think these babies will sell like hotcakes this year! We’re also stoked to tell you that this limited-edition duo features a moisturising balm, two brushes for easy application and a bright colourful matte powder that can be used to either paint your lips or add a tinted sheen to your cheeks.


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If you take a closer peek at Pica’s masterpiece, you’ll notice that she has separated the balm and colour pigment in the palette. The aim is to make the application process simple and smooth. Without drying your lips out, the powder gives an intense coloured finish and blends in well with your lip’s natural hue.

And finally, when it comes to putting these shades to the test, the possibilities are endless. For different artistic effects, you’re more than welcome to mix or layer them. You can also use a lip balm as a primer to make them soft or plump or use it as a top coat to make lips look glossier and fuller. The choice is yours and yours alone!

Priced at about 37$ (approx Rs 2,352), you’ll either have to convince your NRI friend to bag you one or you can pick one on your next vacay abroad. Happy shopping!