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#Planebae Is Real! This New Study Claims That You Can Find ‘The One’ On A Flight

#Planebae Is Real! This New Study Claims That You Can Find ‘The One’ On A Flight

How many times do you ignore your co-passenger on a flight? If your answer is, ‘most of the time’, you are definitely going to rethink your choice. A study reveals that chances of finding your love on an airplane are higher than you may think. So, if you are having a hard time finding love on a dating app, it’s time you stop looking on the internet, and instead, book your next flight. Because, love is *literally* in the air!

The study conducted by HSBC interviewed 5,000 travellers across the globe about their in-flight experiences. The results, we have to say, are surprising! The study claimed that one in every 50 travellers met the love of their lives on a plane while the remaining 49, presumably, ended up annoying each other! 

I bet, you are now doing your research on easy ways to strike a conversation with that *cute* guy! If that wasn’t all, the study also revealed that at least one in seven fliers found lasting friendships and about 16% added strong connections to their business network.These results came out after questioning respondents from 141 different countries.

While finding ‘the one’ on an airplane might sound like a dreamy romance to you, the study actually claimed that over half of the airplane passengers end up striking a conversation with a stranger. Well, who knows, maybe you can find a #planebae in a stranger sitting next to you!

Other interesting findings from the study showed:

  • 48% of surveyed passengers freaked out if fellow passengers removed their shoes
  • 65% would be put off if another traveller was rude to the crew
  • 46% listed drunk fliers as a complaint

So, empty your phone memory, delete those dating apps and instead book a flight! Well, at least you’ll get a fabulous vacay out if it.

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