11 Bollywood Marriages That Are Still Going Strong... Despite All The Controversies!

11 Bollywood Marriages That Are Still Going Strong... Despite All The Controversies!

The big bad world of Bollywood has seen a lot of relationships flourish and many others go kaput. But, there are also a good number of couples in Bollywood who have struggled with a lot of problems in their marriages, their personal and professional lives but still stuck together. Be it controversies, extra-marital affairs, previous failed relationships or declining careers, these 11 Bollywood couples fought against all odds and their marriages are still going strong.

1. Karan Singh Grover - Bipasha Basu

Karan and Bipasha have the most beautiful relationship. They make marriage look like so much fun with all their pictures, the vacations they go on and just by being with each other through thick and thin. When the news of their wedding broke out, Karan received a lot of flak because he had already been divorced twice. People called him a player and all sorts of names. They even went to the extent of saying that his marriage with Bips won't last. But hey, here they are two years down the line and still as much in love with each other as ever! You go 'monkeys'!

2. Akshay Kumar - Twinkle Khanna

Akshay Kumar's dating list was pretty long before he got married to Twinkle. But a few years after their marriage, news of the Khiladi actor being in a relationship with Priyanka Chopra started doing the rounds. Though everything in his marriage seemed to be fine, he was barred from working with PC, courtesy Twinkle. Apart from the alleged affairs, Akshay has been embroiled in a lot of controversies over the years, but his wife has always stood by him. In fact, they are an inspiration for a lot of couples out there.

3. Rishi Kapoor - Neetu Singh

Rishi and Neetu got married in 1980 and everything was great for the first decade or so. Then in the 1980's, it was reported that Rishi had turned into a raging alcoholic and Neetu had filed a case against him for domestic violence. It was also said that she left him due to his violent nature, but returned to him soon after. They faced a lot of problems in their relationship, but despite all that, they stuck together and have been together for 38 years now! Neetu once said:

"There always comes a phase in a couple's life when there would be friction, disagreements. Rishi and I also went through that stage. It was just one of those problems which only the husband and wife would understand. Fortunately, we were able to sort out our differences. Today, everything is forgotten."

4. Shilpa Shetty - Raj Kundra

Shilpa and Raj's wedding was a grand affair. And they have always stood by each other, no matter what. But not many know that Raj had been through a divorce with his first wife Kavita before he got married to Shilpa. Kavita had alleged that Shilpa was the reason behind their divorce. Despite this, their relationship did not suffer and it only grew stronger over the years.

5. Shah Rukh Khan - Gauri Khan


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SRK and Gauri Khan's marriage has been an example of what a happy marriage looks like for many people out there. But they have also had their share of bumps down the road. It was very strongly reported that Shah Rukh had an extra-marital affair with Priyanka Chopra and this rumour caught a lot of fire. But, SRK's and Gauri's relationship was not affected by the flames and they are going just as strong as ever! True love prevails.

6. Sanjay Dutt - Manyata Dutt


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Sanjay Dutt had been married thrice before he finally tied the knot with Manyata, who was 19 when she got married. Sanjay's sisters Priya and Namrata were absolutely against the match and didn't support their wedding. A few years later, Sanjay got convicted in the 1993 Mumbai blast case and served a long term in jail. But through all the hardships, Manyata and Sanjay stuck by each other. Manyata was his pillar of strength throughout and that is what a marriage is all about.

7. Mini Mathur - Kabir Khan


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"People are marrying cross-culturally... I am a product of a cross cultural marriage and we celebrate every religion."

Mini Mathur was born in a family that wore the 'Kayastha' badge with a lot of pride. Her dad wanted her to get married to a Mathur boy. So, not only did she have to convince him for a love marriage, but the biggest challenge was to make him agree to let her marry Kabir, a Pathan. Well, she introduced Kabir to her dad as her friend and didn't tell him his surname. It was only after her dad fell in love with the person that Kabir was, did he himself suggest to Mini that she could get married to Kabir. She then told him that he was a Muslim, which did make her dad think and rethink, but he eventually agreed. Now, that's a filmy love story!

8. Dharmendra - Hema Malini

There was not one, but many hitches in Hema and Dharam ji's romance. Dharmendra fell in love with Hema when they were shooting for Tum Haseen Main Jawaan. But Hema rejected his initial advances because he was a married man with two sons. Dharmendra kept trying and Hema finally fell for his charm. But even then, the problems were not over. Hema's dad was against the match and Dharmendra's first wife refused to give him a divorce. After a few years things worked out for both of them, and they got married in 1980. Rest as they say, is history!

9. Kajol - Ajay Devgn


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Kajol and Ajay Devgn's wedding has also not been one free of their fair share of issues. There was a strong rumour doing the rounds that Ajay had an affair with his Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai co-star Kangana Ranaut. It is also said that Kajol had threathened Ajay by telling him that she'd leave him if he did not mend his ways. But well, they are as happy as can be, now aren't they?

10. Amitabh Bachchan - Jaya Bachchan

Amitabh and Jaya fell in love while shooting for Zanjeer but it was not that smooth a ride. The couple who many people look up to now, had to pass through a huge problem - Amitabh's much talked about affair with Rekha. Rumour was that Rekha and Amitabh fell for each other after shooting for Do Anjaane. It was even rumoured that the duo had secretly tied the knot. But the two apparently called off their relationship because Rekha did not want to be the other woman in Amitabh's life. Despite all the rumours and controversies, Jaya stood by Amitabh and supported him through thick and thin. And that is why they are an examplary couple today!

12. Abhishek Bachchan - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


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Abhishek Bachchan is often trolled for marrying a woman with a much better career and social standing than him. But Bachchan Jr. gives each and every one of these a good slap in the face with his words. Even Aishwarya has been accused of marrying Abhishek only for the sake of getting into the Bachchan clan. But despite all these silly things, they choose to stand by each other, unaffected by the baseless things people have to say. That's what true love is!

Some serious inspiration all of them are, eh?

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