This Instagrammer's ‘Celebrity Memes’ Will Leave You Laughing All Day!

This Instagrammer's ‘Celebrity Memes’ Will Leave You Laughing All Day!

In all honesty, if Virat and Anushka are caught staring straight into the sun, it would probably make it to front page news and be a major headline literally EVERYWHERE. The result? A headache that no painkillers can take away. Aren’t we all just a little bit done with this celebrity obsession? Don't even get me venting about how many news articles I have read on Taimur Ali Khan’s cute cheeks (even though they do look downright adorable!)

Enter this brilliant Instagram account started by Salva Mubarak parodying bollywood stories. And it is a treat for sore eyes. Check out some of our favourite memes here (Proceed with caution, though, because you will legit fall down your seat laughing).

1. The answer to world peace revealed

2. Now finally you can get that job, finish your homework or chill with bae guilt free

3.  It’s a secret we will never tell

4. What is the point of living if you aren't even as popular as a celebrity pet?


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