Sia Joins The League Of Celebrities Trolled Online & Gives A Sassy Response

Sia Joins The League Of Celebrities Trolled Online & Gives A Sassy Response

We know Sia, that epic AF singer who has never taken anything sitting down. She’s known for her out-of-the-box music videos and kickass wigs, but this weekend she did something that is just as awesome as her insane personality. Recently, she found out that someone was trying to sell naked pictures of her online.

And you know what she did about it?


She posted it on her twitter account to bash up the trolls. Props to this boss lady!

It isn’t just her though, celebrities are constantly taking down trolls on the internet and I’m personally in love with this trailblazing movement. Christine Teigen for one was shamed cause her baby never smiled and she barely showed emotions in the pictures together, and she had the perfect response to them on her account:

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Back home on Twitter, Abhishek Bachchan had a fitting response when comedian Mallika Dua commented on Aishwarya marrying a tree, saying “Aishwarya had to marry a tree first so she could marry a rock (mince Abishek can't act no?)”. He replied on her tweet with, “the question mark at the end suggests that you have a doubt, mince, there is hope for me. Yay!” Though the to and fro went on for a while, Mallika eventually retreated. And when Kareena was slammed for partying and leaving her son Taimur at home, she told mid-day that "motherhood doesn't mean a woman must give up on herself."

Social media over the years has made it easy to hide behind a screen and criticize those in the spotlight, but it’s refreshing to see celebrities fight back against mindless cyber bullies!