Chak De!!! 7 Times Celebs Locked Horns On Social Media While We Sat & Watched The Show

Chak De!!! 7 Times Celebs Locked Horns On Social Media While We Sat & Watched The Show

There are days when we love social media and then there are days when we hate it. And while we might agree to disagree on what interests us on an individual level, there’s something that all of us love almost unanimously. Now what that must be, you wonder? It’s, of course, the crazy, catty celeb fights on social media! 

Deny it as much as you want to but the truth remains that most of us derive a perverse pleasure every time we see celebs engaging in a heated social media altercation. Their fights are perhaps interesting because unlike tabloid rumours, they have actually happened in the first place. Also, they are certain proof that we all lose it sometimes and the celebs are no different than us. That said, while some of these celebs fights might be kinda meh, some of them really do get us running for popcorns. You know what we mean! And now that you are all invested, here's a roundup of our favourite celeb Twitter wars to date:

Kangana Ranaut & Diljit Dosanjh


It was in 2020 when Kangana Ranaut surely earned her reputation as the nosiest star in B-town. And while most of those that Kangana regularly kept mentioning in her everyday posts might have remained mum, Diljit Dosanjh was clearly in the mood to set the scores right. The Diljit-Kangana spat started with an ill-researched and factually incorrect tweet from Kangana. In the tweet, she tried mocking and insulting the Shaheen Bagh dadi by confusing her with one of the grannies on the farmer’s protest site. 

While Kangana deleted the tweet shortly after realising her mistake, the stunt didn’t go well with Diljit Dosanjh. He shared a video of the same woman who had appeared in the protest, Mahinder Kaur, and asked Kangana to respect the elderly. He tweeted, "Respected MAHINDER KAUR JI Ah Sunn La Ni With Proof @KanganaTeam Banda Ena V Ni Anna Hona Chaida.. Kush v Boli Turi jandi aa .. (Listen to this proof, @KanganaTeam. One should not be this blind. She keeps says anything).”

Now, while a sane person would have backed off, Kangana being Kangana went out to start a social media war with Diljit. However, what she didn’t anticipate was solid retaliation from him. Long things short, the war we are referring to is a series of tweets where Diljit nicely shutdown Kangana. And he became quite a legend and gave us one of the most riveting social media battles of all times. 

Anil Kapoor & Anurag Kashyap


Last year, when Anil Kapoor decided to congratulate the team of Delhi Crime for their Emmy win, it seemed like Anurag Kashyap was lurking around with his daggers. “Nice to see some deserving people get international recognition. Waise, aapka Oscar kidhar hain? No? Achha... nomination,” he wrote while taking a dig at the actor. Not one to sit and take the blows, the actor immediately retorted by writing, “The closest you have come to an Oscar is by watching Slumdog Millionaire win Oscars on TV. #TumseNaHoPayega”

It only escalated from there and Kashyap also ended calling Anil, “the king of a hand-me-down.” In all honesty, it was quite a volatile showdown. However, given Netflix’s new genre-bending show, titled AK vs AK, it’s now but obvious that the altercation was all staged. That said, we did have our share of fun as we watched it unfold. 

Sonu Nigam & Divya Khosla Kumar

A lot was said about the Indian film industry shortly after the beginning of the nepotism debate last year. During the debate, singer Soun Nigam had also joined the conversation and decided to openly talk about the ‘music mafia’. He had also shared that most of the power in the music fraternity lies with a couple of labels and how unhealthy this skewed power dynamic happens to be. In another video, Sonu had heavily criticised Bhushan Kumar (of T-Series), accused him of functioning like a 'mafia,' and warned him to stay away. 

Soon after, Bhushan's wife Divya Khosla Kumar took to social media where she accused Sonu of running a deceitful campaign against her husband and also called him "thankless" for all the work that he got from T-series. And as interesting as this war of words appeared to be on social media, we really did lose it after Divya decided to involve her cook in a retaliation video, asked him to share a statement, and ended up giving us some solid meme content. 10/10 for this fight!  

Ameesha Patel & Kushal Tandon


The Ameesha-Kushal social media war happened in 2015 when Kushal tried calling out Ameesha Patel for not standing up in the theatre during the national anthem. However, Ameesha was quick to react and explain that it was because of her heavy periods that she kept sitting through the anthem. And well that’s okay and understandable, it was how she said it that definitely added fuel to the fire. “Idiot Kushal Tandon had the nerve to tweet that I didn't get up during the national anthem. Did the jackass ask why?,” she wrote and further added, “Women we all need to slap Kushal. I had the monthly girly problem. Getting up wud have caused a blood flow on the theatre ground." A lot of name-calling followed and while Kushal did apologise for misunderstanding the situation, and deleted his tweet, he also called her out for hurling abuses at him. 

Ram Gopal Varma & Karan Johar


Okay so the Ram Gopal Varma-Karan Johar social media war had us reaching out for our popcorns in 2013 when the former picked up an absolutely avoidable argument. “ If someone takes off from Karan Johar's Student Of The Year and makes 'Teacher' of the year it will become the Disaster of the year,” RGV wrote on Twitter thus taking a jibe at Karan. Never the quiet one, Karan soon came up with an equally caustic reply and wrote, “@RGVzoomin ....Disaster of the year is your territory one can ever replace the comfortable place you have made for yourself there.” Rest assured, we really did enjoy this exchange and can really use more of these.

Kangana Ranaut & Taapsee Pannu & Swara Bhasker


Never one to let her fans rest even for a little while, Kangana in one of her everyday comments on nepotism, ended up calling Swara Bhasker and Taapsee Pannu 'B grade actresses' and 'needy outsiders' in a 2020 interview. The two, of course, didn’t take it well and responded accordingly. “Maine suna class 12th n 10th ke result ke baad humaara result bhi aa gaya hai! Humaara grade system ab official hai ? Abhi tak toh number system pe value decide hoti thi na 🤔 #MaLifeMaRulesMaShitMaPot,” Taapsee wrote in her reply. Kangana’s Tanu Weds Manu co-actor, Swara also replied to the comment by writing, “Okay so while on topic.. full disclosure & confession. I am needy. I need respectful public interaction. I need rationality and logic in debate. I need sane, civil and decent public discourse. I need rule of law. and I need FACTS ! What do you need? #NeedyOutsider.” Fun!

Twinkle Khanna & Chetan Bhagat


Well, this transpired in 2015, the same year when Twinkle Khanna made her debut as a writer. Let’s just say that one thing led to another and before she could tell, she was being compared to Chetan Bhagat through indirect jokes and jibes. A tweet that read  "@mrsfunnybonesYou are an amazing writer, you don't need to change your name to Chetali Bhagat," became the beginning of the actual war between the two. Twinkle was clearly sitting with her guns all loaded as she instantly replied to this tweet by writing, "I do! He gets to judge NachBaliye and I get to judge if that gross thing on my floor is dog puke or poop #SuchIsLife."

This obviously gave Chetan Bhagat a reason to pick a bone with Mrs. Funny Bones and he soon replied. Within a couple of tweets, the two were already taking digs at each other’s careers and also, looks!

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