Bollywood Diva Style: 5 Simple Ways Of Glamming Up Your Boring Ponytail

Bollywood Diva Style: 5 Simple Ways Of Glamming Up Your Boring Ponytail

Sometimes it feels like my hair has perpetually been in a messy bun for the past six months. Well, I guess it feels like that because it's true. I've been rocking my quarantine lewk which is basically pyjamas, a ton of skincare products, and hair that gets washed only when I remember to so tying it up is the only option. However, on the days that I do have to switch on my camera during a meeting, I try to make my hair look a little fun cause they can only see my face and one hairdo that I've been switching up my bun with is a ponytail

They're easy to do, look great and also look like you've actually put in an effort without doing much. 

Here Are 5 Easy Celebrity- Approved Ponytail Styles That Look Stunning

Beach Hair Don't Care

Even if you can't visit the beach, you can always feel like you're there by doing up your hair. Follow your regular hair care routine and use curling tongs or a hair iron to give yourself loose, open curls. Run a brush through your hair so that the curls open up to give you the perfect beachy look. You can then tie it up in a low ponytail just like Shraddha Kapoor. 

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With A Side Fringe

If you feel like tying your hair up in a slick ponytail doesn't suit your face shape you can always take out the front section of your hair and keep it as a fringe. It'll fall beautifully and frame your face too. This hairstyle works well for second or third day hair with some dry shampoo.


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Puffed Up Beauty

Alia's puff is something, am I right? It adds volume to the crown and is fun too. This is totally the look you should choose your next Zoom party. All you have to do is backcomb the front section to add some drama, lightly curl the ends of your hair and tie it into a ponytail.

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Add A Braid

This is the cutest little detail, that'll take your look up a notch. Just take some of your hair from the middle section of your hair and then braid it vertically and secure it with bobby pins. You can straighten out the rest of your locks to look just like Bebo or leave it au-natural. 


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A Hair Accessory Always Works

When your hair is just not corporating then we suggest that you tie it in a ponytail and add a scarf to it. It'll elevate the look a whole lot and the effort is minimum too. Deepika Padukone shows us just how it's done, ammirite?



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BRB, going to try out all these hairstyles!

Featured Image: POPxo