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CBSE Just Declared Re-Examinations For Math & Economics. Students, We Feel Your Pain!

CBSE Just Declared Re-Examinations For Math & Economics. Students, We Feel Your Pain!

Just when you thought that you have gotten rid of the most annoying subjects of your school curriculum, you hear something that is going to shatter your happiness in every way possible. Yes! These words have a 100 percent chance of breaking your heart. - Re-Exam!

The Central Board of Secondary Education; A.K.A the CBSE has just announced what every student would dread hearing - a re-examination for Maths for class 10, and for economics for 12 students! The decision was taken amid the news of the question papers being leaked. 

The class 10 Math exam was conducted today i.e 28th March and the Economics exam happened on Monday i.e 26th March. CBSE wants the decision to be fair for all the students and hence, the decision. The exam dates are yet to be announced by the board however, students already have enough to worry about. We get the idea of not wanting the questions to be leaked, in order to ensure that those who did leak these would be met with fair examination. But, what about the students who had already worked hard and gave in a fair paper? It's sad to know that the test is not yet over for students. A re-examination would only mean added stress to the students' lives and stress studying has never done anyone any good.

Nevertheless, we wish the students the very best of luck and hope that they all pass with decent enough grades. Remember, this too shall pass... and so shall you! 

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