#VideoOfTheDay: Watch This If You Look Like A Potato In Your Passport Photo!

#VideoOfTheDay: Watch This If You Look Like A Potato In Your Passport Photo!

Say amen if you hide your official documents from your friends and SO! Seriously though, I don't know anyone who looks good in their passport or license photo. And I for one am waiting for a chance to redo the picture. But also this time I will make sure I am well equipped. By equipped I mean I will use the knowledge I have gathered about makeup and beauty and use it to get a good picture. My chance has arrived, I am supposed to be renewing my driver's license and I have the option of giving them a new picture with the renewal form. YES!

I love Carli Bybel, I actually started watching her for a supremely non-beauty reason. She had this thing where she would always start her video off with a motivational quote (as you will see in this old video), I just thought that vibe was great to begin with. Her tutorials are almost always extremely detailed not just explaining how to do something but also explaining why that is being done. 

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I remember watching this video a while ago but it was one of those binge watch nights. Somehow this stuck to me. She did give a lot of useful tips not just for a way to get a good passport photo but also showed us to highlight our strong features in a natural makeup look. I think that is what I liked the most about the tutorial

So watch for yourself and see if you like it?

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