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#TrendyTurbans: This Canadian Designer Is Making Dastars Fashionable!

#TrendyTurbans: This Canadian Designer Is Making Dastars Fashionable!

In recent fashion history, the Sikh turbans have been making a style statement globally. Apart from being an important asset of Sikh culture, they have become a part of runway looks as well. Last year, we saw Riteish Deshmukh walk the ramp at Lakmé Fashion Week in a solid black turban. So it’s only fair of us to expect that trendier versions of turban are about to take over, thanks to Jenn Nguyen, a designer based in Calgary City in the Canadian province of Alberta.


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32-year-old Nguyen launched her new venture this summer and she designs the material for Sikh turban or dastar in colourful prints and patterns. The fabric for the turbans is sourced from India, itself. Nguyen’s designs are traditionally hand-printed in Rajasthan. Her brand is fittingly named TrendySingh and is one of its kind in the Sikh chic segment. Not to our surprise, her support came from the elected leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Jagmeet Singh, in October. Singh has given her brand a shoutout in one of his Instagram posts while his brother, Gurratan Singh, has modelled for it.


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Nguyen’s online outlet features a variety of limited edition turbans in floral, static and camo designs, which are selling out fast BTW. As reported by Hindustan Times, her idea of combining art and dastars is influenced by the values of Sikhism. She finds them beautiful as they include standing up for what is right.


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She has recently introduced accessories such as cufflinks, lapel pins and collar studs with Sikh motifs on them. Nguyen, is herself of Vietnamese origin but her purpose behind re-inventing turbans for the fashion world was to let them speak the language of art.

She wants to bring the true nature of Sikh culture in light through her work. “Fashion is a good medium, and not threatening to people. I feel like it breaks a barrier, though some people say it’s disrespectful,” she said.      

And not just that, all profits from TrendySingh are reserved for Sikh charities. While she herself isn’t a Sikh, during a personal crisis she was introduced to a Gurudwara by a friend, where she started a connection with the community.


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For now, she has been focused on taking her brand to the US and the UK but India is next on her list. Soon you’ll be able to shop some trendy turbans. Excited much?

Published on Nov 16, 2017
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