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Can Someone Please Explain What Happened To Ranveer Singh?

Can Someone Please Explain What Happened To Ranveer Singh?

Actors often change their appearance and mannerisms for a role. It's part of method acting, which we fondly call 'the Aamir Khan way'. Ranveer Singh has proved his acting skills time and again, as Bajirao and then in Padmavat. But he has finally decided to do something different and we've all welcomed Simmba with open arms. However, what followed this decision to play a cop on-screen, none of us saw coming. He let go of his lean body and looks buff AF!

Have a look at these pictures, because they made my jaw drop and this does not look like Ranveer Singh anymore! 


Look at him move, please. 

It looks like someone pumped air into his body and I want to know what happened to Ranveer Singh!

Why does he look like The Hulk? And is he taking a Rohit Shetty film too far? 

Images - Instagram 

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Published on Jul 13, 2018
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