This Bride Got Her Love Story Embroidered On Her Blouse And It's Everything Stunning!

This Bride Got Her Love Story Embroidered On Her Blouse And It's Everything Stunning!

Just after the man of your dreams gets down on his knees and pops the question, you're completely overwhelmed with love and unparalleled emotions. But just after those feelings set in, the first thought for every girl is 'Oh! I'm a bride-to-be, what the hell am I going to wear?!' Of course if you're anything like me (*ahem extra ahem*), you've already been thinking of your bridal ensemble even with no man to actually marry in the picture.

This bride, Namrata Loka put aside all the trends and fads and chose a more sentimental path. She got her love story embroidered on her blouse and made everything about the day truly about her union with the man who stole her heart.

The lady behind the designing is Namrata's friend, Disha Patel who is the founder and desginer at Soirée CoutureShe's the one who took the bride's vision and put it into this gorgeous reality and made Namrata and Kiran's big day even more special.

Loka shared bits about the entire process on her blog and says she was in equal parts nervous and excited for what the blouse would look like. She said, "I had an insane time drawing, writing, tracing, designing, and goofing with some of my favourite people. The highlight was having Kiran write the lines from when he asked me out in 2014, which, I quote him, made him feel like he should practice writing every day."

The fabric used for the project was the same as what came along with the kanjeevaram saree and to spruce it up a bit, Disha added fringes to the sleeve. 

The front of the blouse was a snapshot from 2013 when Kiran first asked Namrata out and the back was from four years later when he popped the big question. The sleeves had an intricate representation of their favourite photos and the bottom had a line written by the groom himself. The left and ride side had memories of their first date and car ride embroidered forever.

The big day was photographed by Journeys By Ram and boy, did they do a stellar job.

Namrata even captured the entire behind the scenes process of how she worked on the blouse and the thought and dedication that it required. We're sure it wasn't easy but it was definitely worth it. Making every part of the wedding truly about you and your partner, that's what a ceremony is all about.

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While most times we complain about having to sell a kidney and then some to afford that dream wedding outfit which we can't even wear again, Namrata made something she can really cherish for posterity. Talk about romance, right? ❤