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Boobs, Bras & A Girl’s Life - This Is Just TOO Funny!

Boobs, Bras & A Girl’s Life - This Is Just TOO Funny!

We girls know the struggle of bra shopping, it’s super annoying! No matter how much we love shopping, buying bras is never fun! And the most embarrassing moment…when the salesman knows your size better than your better half! Like, how? Bras are annoying and so are the people who sell them, right? And how can we forget the struggle of buying fancy bras without getting judged?! Haan chahiye honeymoon wali bra. Toh? Why god why? We didn’t ask for breasts (men did)! Being a girl is tough and Aditi Mittal hilariously explains why. If you hate bras and buying bras, this video will make you laugh out loud (for real)! So what are you waiting for? Play the video and get ready to relate… Share it with all your girlfriends and make them laugh till their tummy hurts! Also watch: You vs Parlour Waali Didi – This Crazy Video Is TOO Funny!
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Published on Nov 1, 2016
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