8 Bra Confessions That’ll Make EVERY Girl Go ‘SO True’!

8 Bra Confessions That’ll Make EVERY Girl Go ‘SO True’!
Wearing a bra is no easy job and we girls do it daily! Bras are actually made to support our boobs but somehow we always HATE wearing them. Honestly, no one can ever define the relationship a girl has with all her bras... Well, except girls themselves. So here are some of the most honest confessions by girls which we found on Whisper. Read them all and we’re sure they’ll make you go - SO true!

1. When you have to do things according to the bra you’re wearing!

Why’d you jump if you were wearing a strapless bra, anyway? 1 bra confessions

2. Happens ALL.THE.TIME!

We’ve all been there girl! 2 bra confessions

3. When your bra size changes…

No, I won’t let you go but hey, why do I have four boobs now. 3 bra confessions

4. That awkward moment!

There there! We feel you. 4 bra confessions

5. Well, no one understands what goes inside us.

*Cries* 5 bra confessions

6. Story of our lives! Haha!

Also, you realized it after half an hour? 6 bra confessions

7. When your favourite bra deceives you...

Just underwired bra things... 7 bra confessions

8. The struggles of a pushup bra…

Things falling here and there and here and there... 8 bra confessions You can read the full thread here on Whisper. These were just so relatable! What do you guys think? Image: Whisper