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All The Single Ladies Put Your Hands Up, We Now Have A 'Boyfriend For Hire'!

All The Single Ladies Put Your Hands Up, We Now Have A 'Boyfriend For Hire'!

Remember last year's Valentine's Day when a guy from Gurgaon offered an iPhone 7, a dinner at a five-star hotel and a ride in his Audi A4 to girls willing to be his date for the day?

Well, after the success of last year's really unique, umm, proposal, this year Shakul is back at it again with an even higher quotient of weirdness. This time he's offered himself up as a boyfriend for hire for a day for all the single ladies out there. 

And it doesn't just end there. You can choose from a set of four packages ranging from 'holding hands and putting arms around the shoulder' to 'ANYTHING YOU WANT'. Also, if you're strapped for money, you can use the promo code 'RICH GUY' and get a discount of 20%. Is anyone cringing as hard as I am?

In case you're not convinced, he's made you an offer you cannot refuse. He's not only ready to Netflix and chill with you, he's also ready to be anyone you want him to be - from Christian Grey to 'sweet lover'. *rolling eyes*

We're not sure if we're just highly amused or slightly creeped out by this Valentine's Day offer? Either way, we're quite curious to see how many girls apply this time!