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Book Review: Saavdhan India Meets CID In This Desi Crime Novel

Book Review: Saavdhan India Meets CID In This Desi Crime Novel

Ever wondered what a Hindi TV serial would look like as a book? Prime Time Crime by Vrushali Telang is exactly like that. It's spicy, sensational and packed with drama. My question, however, is if the drama was worth it all? The book starts rather slowly, getting the characters in place. A journalist, a gangster, and their strange love story. Imagine falling in love with a bad boy, we've all been there, haven't we? So has Ritika (the journalist) who gets attracted to a man inevitably terrible for her. 

There is a certain grit in the book, but the desi-ness of it is overdone in some places. It isn't a terrible read, a quick one for those lazy Sundays. If you make it past the third chapter then you'll definitely be hooked on to it. Even if you don't want to. Savdhaan India comes to life in this dangerous yet somewhat laughable book. So much for an honest book review...

This isn't Vrushali's first book and her experience shows through her writing. But all in all, I wouldn't give it a pass if I had something better to read on hand. It's a fun read but it is a hit and miss. However, if you appreciate a little masala in your crime read, then give Prime Time Crime a chance. 

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