Maggi Waale Baal? 5 Unique Bollywood-Inspired Ways To Style Your Curly Hair!

Maggi Waale Baal? 5 Unique Bollywood-Inspired Ways To Style Your Curly Hair!

If you're blessed with naturally curly hair, you know that styling it is nothing less than a Roadies task. And if you live in a tropical city, humidity is definitely not your best friend. Curly hair is a mood(y) AF. You can pamper it all you want, with loads of hair styling products, hair gels, mousses, conditioners but it'll still gonna frizz the hell up, making it look like a chidhiya ka ghosla!

Don't worry, this happens to the best of us. By now probably, you may have a pretty good idea of how your mane reacts to different surroundings and products but that doesn't mean that you cannot try out newer hairstyles, right? 

It's time to style your curly mane like a Bollywood diva!

Style That Curly Mane: Bollywood Edition

What to do with curly hair. Trust us, there are so many ways you can stylize 'em. Allow these Bollywood stars to show you.

Mane Makeover?


If you want to completely change the way you look, straightening your hair is always the easiest way to do this. Part your hair and comb it thoroughly. Apply heat protection spray or serum on your mane, take a strand and start straightening it using a hair straightener. After your hair is poker straight, use a hair styling product, like a hair mousse or a styling hair wax to keep the hair in place. Lastly, use a hair spray and you're ready to whip your hair back and forth!


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Braid It


Perhaps the easiest way to tame curly mane is to tie 'em up. A messy bun or a messy braid will do the trick. Starting from the bottom of your hair, start combing your hair and tie it up.

Braiding your mane, especially when you have extremely thick hair is a nice way to maintain the upkeep of your hair. Use a hairspray afterwards to tame down any form of frizziness. This hairstyle looks so good with Indian wear.


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Make *Waves* With This Hairdo


Bored styling your hair in just two ways, again and again? It's time to add some depth and volume by adding some waves to them. Begin by straightening your hair but don't straighten it too much. Leave it a little wavy. Using a straightener brush would be an excellent choice.

After you're done, comb your entire hair backwards (maintaining the hair parting) and use a hair spray to keep it intact. Use a shiny hair serum to add a glossy effect!

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Bun It Up


For the days you cannot manage your crazy hair or Mumbai ki baarish is making your hair look like your hair have a mind of its own, we say tie 'em in a bun, wear stunning earrings and seal your look with a beautiful lipstick!

Keepin' It Au Naturale


Sometimes, the best way to style your curly hair is by NOT styling it at all! Just wash your mane using a shampoo that's specially formulated for curly-haired beauties and let it dry naturally. 

To give your curls some bounce and volume, use a leave-in conditioner or a curl defining hair cream and scrunch them up and let them bounce away to glory!


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So, how will your rock thy curly mane today? 

Featured Image: Instagram

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