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9 Bollywood Movies That Explored The Subject Of Extramarital Affairs

9 Bollywood Movies That Explored The Subject Of Extramarital Affairs

From 'pyaar dosti hai' love stories to extramarital affairs, Bollywood has space for all kinds of human emotions. Indian cinema has been known to reflect our society and our films explore both, deep and dark sides of love. We've seen so many films that beautifully capture the magic of love and romance, but there are also a few films that highlight the subject of illicit affairs. With the rise of distrust and extramarital affairs in the society, B-town and television directors have also given their screen space to forbidden affairs.

Recently in a TV show, Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka, Drashti Dhami and Shakti Arora are paired opposite each other, showing an illicit relationship. Kunal (played by Shakti) and his partner Mauli helped Nandini (Drashti Dhami) out of a situation and later, Kunal and Nandini got close. This has raged their fans who can't come to terms with this story. 

But it is just that - a story. It's a reality of our society and it does happen. Bollywood films have already worked with this controversial storyline and have received praise for them. These stories went beyond right and wrong and helped us see the other side - some better than the others.

So, here's a list of popular Bollywood movies that talked about illicit affairs and did justice to the subject.

1. Rustom

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A husband and a navy officer, very much in love with his wife, ends up in jail when he kills his friend for having physical relations with her. The story is about love and patriotism. A husband's lack of time for his wife eventually draws them apart; however, the affair turns out to be a trap. Akshay Kumar and Ileana D'Cruz were lauded for their performance in the movie, which was based on the real-life story of Naval Officer KM Nanavati. 

2. Life In A Metro

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This movie shows the hectic and complicated lives of people living in metro cities. All of them discover love in their own way. In the film, a husband fails to give his wife enough time and love to keep their marriage healthy and both end up having extramarital affairs. This movie proved that it's not all black and white when it comes to love; it is complicated.

3. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

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This was Karan Johar's attempt at a different kind of love story. All four leads of the film are struggling with personal issues and you feel sorry for all of them. When SRK and Rani fall in love with each other, they end up breaking their marriages, but later it feels that they were meant to be together. Like we said, complicated is the word.

4. Murder

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Murder shows a wife who doesn't get enough time with her husband and ends up having a physical relationship with her ex. It is one of the most popular movies that talks about love, lust and betrayal. This thriller movie helped put Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat on the Bollywood map and shaped their careers.

5. Jism

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A lonely wife of a millionaire, Bipasha Basu, ends up getting romantic with a lawyer, John Abraham, and plans to murder her husband with his help. This 2003 romantic thriller was a hit and established both John and Bipasha as actors.

6. Azhar

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The film glorifies cricketer Azhar's extramarital affair with Sangeeta. It enhances it through songs and shows it in a good light. However, the suffering of his wife Naureen does make the whole plot uncomfortable.

7. Silsila

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Years back, Yash Chopra showcased the real-life situation between Rekha, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan on the reel in Silsila. It was a romantic mess. The charm of Yash Chopra was such that people wanted Chandni and Amit to end up together despite the word 'cheating' being in the spotlight.

8. Lunchbox

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A subtle, poignant and innocent friendship between a housewife and a food lover, this film sure left everyone surprised with its vague climax. You did want Imran and Nimrat to find love with each other - they both deserved it!

9. Tanu Weds Manu Returns

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It was Madhavan's character cheating on Kangana's character with Kangana's other character, but it was an affair to remember. The funny film confuses you with what's right and what's wrong and you feel sympathetic for one of the Kanganas at the end.      

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Published on Sep 12, 2018
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