Karan, Sonam And Now Kajol - Bollywood Celebrities Who've Made Horrendous Statements

Karan, Sonam And Now Kajol - Bollywood Celebrities Who've Made Horrendous Statements

Bollywood celebrities seem to have it all - great looks, envy causing wardrobes, fancy cars, expensive mansions to live in and a lot of moolah. But the one thing I really wish some of them had was a brain that specifically has the capability to think before speaking to millions of impressionable people. Because the following horrendous statements are just proof that thinking twice before you speak is always a great idea. 

1. Kajol's latest statement "There's tax on milk and rice" when asked about her opinion on the GST applied on sanitary pads.

I wish Kajol would just pick up the paper and read about how only 12% of India’s 355 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins. Over 88% of women resort to alternatives like newspapers, rags, clothes, sand or even ash and almost 20% of them end up with severe life-threatening diseases like cancer. Simply put: Sanitary napkins should be tax-free because we don't have the luxury to choose whether to bleed or not. It is a natural process and every single woman should have accessibility to attain the means to deal with it. 

2. Karan Johar, when asked about the growth of the Indian economy, said, "I feel strongly that the interval point in cinema is a great point. We all know that in the second half of most cinema things speed up. That's my feeling for the Indian economy," he added, "When it comes to India, I'm hoping for a glorious second half and great innings ahead."

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It surprises me that Karan, a leading director-producer of Bollywood would have such an illogical and shallow reply when asked about the economic conditions of the nation. We're all allowed to have opinions, but at least have one that makes sense in the context! 

3. Sonam Kapoor was of the opinion that, “If you’re not good looking, you’re considered a good actor, you know what I mean?”

No, we certainly don't know what you mean Sonam. Do you?

4. Mira Rajput enraged people by making a statement about women who leave their children behind and go out to work. “I love being at home, I love being a mother to my child, I wouldn’t want to spend one hour a day with my child and rush off to work, why did I have her? She is not a puppy; I want to be there for her as a mother.”

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In my opinion - stay at home mothers are great but stay at home mothers who flaunt their privilege and imply working mothers treat their children as puppies are not. Wonder what she has to say about the fact that her husband, Shahid Kapoor, was also raised by a working mother! 

5. Parineeti Chopra said, "I am very often confused to be a feminist but I am not. I am really not. Coming into Bollywood, I think definitely it has made me stronger and more responsible."

Only if you could spare 2 minutes and Google what feminism really means, Parineeti. How has equality between the two genders got to do with you coming to Bollywood and becoming stronger and more responsible? Please explain, or no I take that back. Don't explain!